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The Pen That Was Worth $100,000!
January 10, 2012

Today a customer came in to place an order for a variety of projects, but one in particular..."Identification Stickers".  As it turns out, they had had a rather expensive piece of equipment stolen from one of their properties.  I'm talking $100,000 plus.  I won't go in to details, but we're looking at some pretty high end equipment here!  Police had no suspects, but a while later, in another county up north, a police raid on a meth lab turned up some rather unique equipment.  Who did it belong to?

Police noticed an imprinted pen with our client's name and phone number along with the equipment.  They called our customer asking if they were missing anything.  BINGO!  The cops get their guy, and our customer gets his equipment!

In another incident, equipment was stolen that had ID stickers on them, but the stickers had been removed.  Turns out the information on the sticker had left a sun-fade imprint on the equipment.  Even with the stickers removed, the cops were able to read the information well enough to track down the rightful owners.  Good guys -2-  Bad guys Zero!

If you've got equipment that needs to stay 'in the plant' or 'on the job site', it may be time to consider identification stickers.  Stickers can be so inexpensive, it pays to put one on your equipment where it can be seen, and another one hidden on the equipment where it can be located to prove proof of ownership.

Have You Seen Me In A Sports Bra?

December 20, 2011
No.  And it won't happen today either.  But we're putting logos on sports bras, and I must say, they look very nice.  Often times we take photos of projects we're working on, or actually wear...i.e...."model" the garment we've just printed, and then photograph it as a record for the job file, or post on the web.  Not so much in this case.  One, the client wants to keep this project quiet.  Two, well...I just don't model bras. >wink<

Today we re-lamped the back shop with those fancy schmancy 'daylight bulbs'. Each bulb is 8' long and gives everything in the shop a more true to life color rendering.   Re-lamping is industry jargon for replacing all the bulbs at one time...Even the ones that have some life in them. The idea is, it's cheaper to do all of them at once, instead of one here, then another one in a month etc. All bulbs start dimming once they're used, even if you can't see it. Well, we had some you could definitely see. We also had a few lamps that needed a new ballast. Check. Replaced those ballasts as well.. The difference is amazing! Now, the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades! Can't wait to do the front shop!

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